Manual assembly of printed circuit boards

Manual PCB assembly

The need for manual assembly of printed circuit boards arises in small-scale production of products or in the manufacture of prototypes. Also, manual installation is used for output (dip) elements. In our company:

  • Qualified Radio Technicians
  • German Weller soldering stations
  • There are 10 radio fitters on staff, which makes it possible to quickly and efficiently complete an order

The manual installation service includes

  • shaping the pins of dip components
  • mounting components
  • board washing
  • packaging in antistatic film


The cost of manually assembling components on a printed circuit board depends on the batch (number of boards) and the number of components from the specification. We discuss the issue of price individually. But, so that you can understand what kind of cost we are talking about, the basic cost of installation is shown in the table below.

The cost of manual installation includes:

  • Checking the quality of the installation
Mounting type Price
Manual assembly of SMD components from 0.35 UAH for 1 pin
Manual mounting of DIP components from 0.35 UAH for 1 pin

Find out the cost of manual installation by contacting us!