PCB design

разработка печатной платы

Proper circuit layout is the key to successful product operation

An incorrectly wired board will emit electromagnetic interference and will make it difficult or impossible to mount the components properly. Therefore, we follow the same rules for wiring printed circuit boards:

  • In accordance with GOST and IPC requirements
  • Performing work in the program P-CAD
  • Define board type and pad sizes correctly
  • Correctly placing components on the board

To develop a printed circuit board, the customer must have an electrical circuit diagram and a list of components

If you do not have a diagram, but have an idea for a product (module, block) – we will help you design a finished product, draw up documentation, make a prototype and launch the product into mass production by performing work on contract manufacturing of electronics.

Сontract manufacturing


The cost of developing a printed circuit board is determined individually. Because depends on the complexity of the product:

  • number of PCB layers (maximum 8 layers)
  • number of pins of electronic components included in the product specification

Specify the price of development or PCB layout of your future product