Production of loops and cables

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Manufacture of cables and loops to order of any type and complexity

We cooperate only with well-known factories in Taiwan, which are equipped with modern equipment and have established themselves as reliable partners:

  • Flexible and film cables of all types and any complexity
  • Connecting cables of all types and any complexity
  • Help in creating design documentation
  • OTK – a thorough check for the integrity of electrical circuits and the correct crimping of cables
  • Production and delivery time – up to 14 days

For placing an order and operational production, the customer must provide a drawing of the required loop

If you do not have a drawing, please contact us, our specialists will help to develop the correct drawing according to which the factory will produce a loop (cable) that is ideal for your device

Сontract manufacturing


The cost of manufacturing loops and cables depends on the type and complexity of the latter and the quantity in the lot. For example, the table shows the approximate cost of manufacturing simple loops and connecting cables.

Connector type Price
Loop production, 1 pc from 9 UAH for 1 piece
Cable production, 1 pc. from 9 UAH for 1 piece

Find out the cost of manufacturing boards for your product by contacting us!